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Running of the Dames:2

Dames 2015-51.jpg

The junior derby participated in a fabulous event hosted by Party On Pine called Running of the Dames. A second annual event, we, the roller girls substitute for the bulls in a running of the bulls style marathon.

Photos by: Foto Baggins

Dames 2015-50.jpg

Everyone got in on the show!! Friends, brothers and parents!!

Dames 2015-49.jpg

The girls couldn't get enough of the wild action.

Dames 2015-48.jpg

Running of the Dames; capture the flag style marathon

Dames 2015-47.jpg

Co-Captain Patron TeKillYa

Dames 2015-46.jpg

Sticking together

Dames 2015-45.jpg

Almost got it!!

Dames 2015-44.jpg

Audrey Hipburn in action, get that flag!!

Dames 2015-43.jpg

Giovanna from Groundwork Fitness warming up the runners.

Dames 2015-37.jpg

The junior derby awaiting their race.

Dames 2015-36.jpg

Derby Dames from all over cheer on the lil gals.

Dames 2015-35.jpg

Giovanna getting little runners ready.

Dames 2015-34.jpg

Coach Mimi Masher MC'ing the race.

Dames 2015-56.jpg

Mila Masher chasing after her own father!!!

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