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Running of the Dames:2

The junior derby participated in a fabulous event hosted by Party On Pine called Running of the Dames. A second annual event, we, the roller girls substitute for the bulls in a running of the bulls style marathon.

Photos by: Foto Baggins

Everyone got in on the show!! Friends, brothers and parents!!

The girls couldn't get enough of the wild action.

Running of the Dames; capture the flag style marathon

Co-Captain Patron TeKillYa

Sticking together

Almost got it!!

Audrey Hipburn in action, get that flag!!

Giovanna from Groundwork Fitness warming up the runners.

The junior derby awaiting their race.

Derby Dames from all over cheer on the lil gals.

Giovanna getting little runners ready.

Coach Mimi Masher MC'ing the race.

Mila Masher chasing after her own father!!!

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