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Meet the Raging Riveters 

Chance made them teammates, Roller Derby made them sisters.
You're never too young (or, old!) to be a part of Roller Derby.  Meet some of the girls of the Raging Riveters.

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“Derby has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone.”

Jen Ocide

“This is such a great opportunity for both kids and parents.. We have two little ones and Devyn just put in her skates for the first time yesterday.. And had a blast. Mimi Masher and her team are so wonderful and patient with the kiddos. I am excited to get my skates on with them.. And our 2 year old son looks like he wants to play too! Thanks You Junior Roller Derby of Long Beach!!!! 
Allison Kripp, 4 year old Derby Devyn's mom
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